Focussed Training In Constellations & Systemic Coaching

For facilitators & coaches to develop a rich practice in transformational work leading to accreditation

led by Jenny Mackewn


An introduction to systemic facilitation, embodied coaching and social presencing with practical application to your work setting.

A year-long training programme in three phases – Initial, Intermediate and Advanced. Each phase consists of a four day workshop plus practice period.

Attend the first course without further obligation.


Gain powerful techniques enabling you to create a map of any system – family, organisational, or social/ecological.

Learn to identify stuck points. Discover how exploring visible and invisible dynamics unlocks creativity. Reveal the hidden dynamics that underlie human relationships.

Earn a certificate in Facilitating Constellations.

The course is approved by the International Coaching Federation and offers a path to ICF accreditation.


For beginners and experienced facilitators & coaches.

How much

£440 per residential 4-day workshop. Concessions and work exchange available.


Southstoke House, Bath.


1. Initial phase


  • What are systemic maps, systemic coaching, constellating and social presencing?
  • Introduction to four main types of intelligence: intuitive, emotional, embodied and intellectual
  • Practice in mapping and exploring systems
  • Using post-its, floor markers and natural objects
  • Applications to your coaching and facilitation practice

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Thank you so much for an amazing four days. I feel so grateful to have had the experience and can’t wait for  next time.

Lucy Taylor

I’m trying out some of the approaches we trained in last week. Lots of questions with a feeling of joy and gratitude for life. Hope you are all glowing too.

Chris Jacobs

2. Intermediate phase


  • Review of skills taught in Initial phase
  • Immersion in emergent systemic maps and constellations
  • Introduction to experimental moves and sentences
  • Experience in mapping and exploring systems using people as representatives
  • Practice in moving emergent systemic maps towards resolution
  • Intermediate applications to your coaching and facilitation practice

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Systemic maps and constellations bring human and non-human systems alive.

3. Advanced phase


  • Review the skills and knowledge taught in the Intermediate phase
  • Becoming fluent with the hidden underlying dynamics that influence human systems
  • Using systemic maps and constellations to support organisational consultancy, management or leadership
  • Introduction to working with real teams, organisations or family systems where it could be too sensitive for the individuals to represent themselves

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4. Optional specialist days


  • 1-2 days for those who wish to gain ICF accreditation
  • 2-4 specialist days of immersive experience as a representative in more complex constellations.

This course is unique in combining Constellations with an organisational and wider ecological systems perspective.