Jenny Mackewn

My work centres on training people for leadership in a volatile, complex and ecologically stressed world.

I work systemically, identifying issues inside people, in personal relationships, in work situations and in the wider community and natural world.

My aim is to play my part in healing disconnection and unlocking positive energy and creative flow.

I have decades of experience in corporate environments, the public sector and education.

I’m available for coaching and consulting.

I encourage you to investigate my training programmes for future leaders, facilitators and coaches.

Co-creating a new generation of leaders in the service of the future

It’s important to me that my training is practical, embodied, and accessible to all. If you find a course that is right for you, I want you to be able to attend.

Let's co-create a better world

I’m passionate about people and our more-than-human planet.

Please join me and have my support in your life’s adventure.