A warm, supportive and experienced coach for your personal and business life

What I do

Do you feel disconnected? Perhaps from yourself and your values? Or from your community of work colleagues? Or from nature and the wider world?

Many of us do, and this disconnection can affect our energy to create positive change in the world.

I help you identify the hidden dynamics in your relationships and resolve the blocks which are causing these feelings of disconnection.

With my help you will find your energy and flow.

Why work with me

I have been helping people like you for over thirty years.

I know the patterns we find ourselves in, and the archetypes that underlie them. I work systemically, looking at the big picture of your life. This has involved me in Gestalt, systems thinking and constellations work. My approach is unique.

I’m passionate about the importance of a connection to nature, but I’m also highly experienced in the corporate world.

I’m pragmatic about my work. It is focused on helping you right now, as quickly as possible.

I will make you smile, and help you engage joyfully and purposefully with the world.

A remarkable ability to unlock deadlocked situations, leading to huge energetic shifts!
Polly Higgins


Everyone needs a coach.